Q.west for good: Change leadership stories with Denise Withers

Jenn T. Grace: Why your raw, real story matters

March 15, 2022 Denise Withers Episode 43
Q.west for good: Change leadership stories with Denise Withers
Jenn T. Grace: Why your raw, real story matters
Show Notes

"In so many ways I have seen people downplay certain aspects of their identity. When in reality, they should be really, really kind of doubling down on being more of who they are." –– Jenn T. Grace

Despite decades of advocacy for diversity in publishing, a quick Google search for the top non-fiction authors inevitably turns up a list of white men. This matters, for lots of reasons. If we want people to be transformed by books, they have to see themselves in those books. Which means that we’re not connecting with a vast majority of the world. Plus, by not publishing work by under-represented writers, we’re missing out on all the wisdom and expertise they have to share, stuff that only they know.

Nobody knows this better than Jenn T. Grace. As an author, speaker, founder and CEO of Publish Your Purpose, Jenn has a fierce commitment to bringing voice to the invisible stories that free people from their isolation. She’s published six books of her own, including her memoir “House on Fire” and coached hundreds of authors to help them bring their stories into the light.

In this episode, Jenn shares key insights from her publishing journey. We talk about why it's important for authors (and the rest of us) to get raw and real when we share our stories. We explore the one-to-one connection authors must create with their readers. And we talk about the need for more diversity in publishing – something she's trying to change through her work.

"It tends to be either women or LGBTQ people or people with disabilities or people of color, people who are coming from some marginalized standpoint that go and enter into the publishing space, and just don't feel seen. And if you want to share your story, speak your truth, impact people, you have to be working with a partner that helps you feel seen and heard. And there's just not a lot of that still in the publishing space. And so our focus is very much on those voices that are often excluded from those traditional publishing settings.

Jenn also has some great tips for authors who are just starting out, and those who want to take their work to the next level. Find out more about her and her journey here

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